As far back as I can remember there have always been animals.

Life for me began in the tropics in a small coastal town.  As with most tropical climates there was abundance of flora and fauna. 

By the time I was 6 my family had accumulated a pretty peculiar collection of animals. We had 9 Dalmatians (honestly you couldn’t turn a corner without banging into a spotty creature) a mildly hysterical parrot, a mongoose (because you know… who doesn’t need a mongoose) and a flock of severely neurotic hens.  I spent so much of my childhood surrounded by these animals that each had their own, unmistakably unique, personality.

These days I live in Melbourne with my husband, my daughter and a chocolate spoodle named Indiana Jones (his friends call him Indy).

When I was pregnant with my daughter and while I was busily planning for her arrival, I imagined filling her nursery walls with illustrations of animals that were as zany and quirky as the ones I grew up with. This must have been when the seed of an idea took hold because after she arrived, in those peaceful and quite moments spent in her room holding her to sleep, I found myself dreaming of a time when I might be able create illustrations for the homes and spaces of other little humans just like her. 

Sun dappled memories from my childhood, the world as it might be seen through the eyes of a child and the small, often unseen beauty of the everyday form the deep pools from which I draw inspiration. The days are short but the ideas are endless. My work lies in distilling all this inspiration carefully, sometimes methodically but always joyfully into my art and illustrations.

I work with a wonderful local business which prints my illustrations onto some gorgeous French papers and all my prints are carefully and lovingly wrapped in my studio.

I’m so happy to be able to share my creations with you and I hope they are the source of much joy for the little ones in your life.